Our Business Philosophy: Exceed Expectations

We don't just see ourselves as a production company providing services to a client, but a long-term partner. It's about building lasting relationships & it's who we are.


It's called a bag of tricks. It's also called experience. You aren't in business for over 30 years without bringing something special to the table. Our team is savvy, upbeat, and innovative. Our goal is to carefully calculate how to get the greatest impact on screen for your budget. Period.

At C9, we've moved beyond the "conventional" approach to production. We customize the optimal production team based on the creative specifications of each project. We don't believe in a one-size fits all approach. Instead, we bring together the team members with the experience and skill that will maximize the production value. This approach allows us to work within any budget without compromising the creativity, passion & quality our clients have come to expect.

Founded in 1980, Cloud Nine Productions, Inc. (C9) a film, music and visual effects production company, has grown from a small music studio to a full-service production facility serving clients nationwide. Our experienced crew has created multi-award winning broadcast work in film, HD, video, musical composition and sound design. In it's more than thirty year history, C9 has established a reputation of artistic integrity, production quality and outstanding client service.


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I chair a new committee for the Food Bank named "Hunger's Hope". The committee concluded the best way to quickly tell the story that The Food Bank is the single most important source providing food to hunger relief agencies in eastern Oklahoma, would be through a video presentation. This video would be used at speaking engagements throughout the year to educate the public about the shocking statistics of hunger.

My Ad Agency has worked with C9 Productions for several years producing television/radio spots, jingles and video presentations in a multitude of industries. C9 has extensive experience in capturing compelling video, so I turned to them for help. The result a six-minute dynamic video presentation demonstrating the alarming statistics of hunger and explaining how the Food Bank and its 450 partner agencies collects and distributes food throughout eastern Oklahoma. For several now years C9 has produced the video for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Every production has been so well done that each year we wonder how we can improve from the previous year, but C9 always comes through with new creative ideas and concepts. They also provided still photos for use in our annual report and on our website.

As testimonial to excellence, other food bank executive directors have commented that Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma's video and PSA's are the best they've ever seen produced for a food bank in the United States. Please contact me for additional feedback.

Margaret Butler
President, Butler and Butler
President, Board of Directors of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma


We are one of the only TRUE full, in-house production companies in Oklahoma. From start to finish, your project remains under one roof. How does this benefit you as a client? Convenience, Confidentiality, and Efficiency - both in cost and time.


The overall quality of your next project directly reflects on the quality of your company. To a potential client - how you market your image, brand, products and services has a direct impact on the impression your customers have of your company and the value they place on the products and services you provide. A quality production may not be the least expensive, however the long-term results speak for themselves.

C9 brings experience, expertise, quality and value all within a wide range of budgets.

Our commitment - Provide a superior level of service and exceed your expectations.